Reporting Features: We Need Your Thoughts!

In our first month of operation, we’ve received some great feedback about the site’s features, design, and capabilities. Through this process, we’ve identified several areas for expansion, most notably in the area of reporting features. It’s clear instructors need a way to extract data from their Law Enforcement Learning courses for use by department training managers, supervisors, or other individuals involved in the learning process. As such, we’ve started to design reporting features that enable instructors to pull data from their Law Enforcement Learning courses and distribute that data to interested parties. At this part in the design phase, we’d love your thoughts on exactly what information is necessary to extract from the website and present to observers. Is it student progress? Or test and quiz scores? Or engagement with curriculum modules? Or a combination of everything?

As we designed and created Law Enforcement Learning, we consulted with a variety of law enforcement and security professionals and trainers and integrated their thoughts into the site. Doing so made Law Enforcement Learning more functional and better able to fill the needs of the law enforcement and security communities. We’ll continue to gather feedback from our users, and will build this reporting capability according to the needs of instructors, training managers, and others involved in the education process. To let us know what kind of information you’d like to be able to extract from your Law Enforcement Learning courses, send us a message at and outline what kind of reports you’d like to be able to run from your courses. We’re looking forward to your thoughts, and will follow up soon with the results we’ve received.

The Law Enforcement Learning Team