Law Enforcement Training & the Online Learning Revolution

MSPlogoWe’ll be at the Midwest Security and Police Conference/Expo on Tuesday, 19 Aug to discuss how online learning can improve learning transfer for police-related training topics. Here’s a short overview of the presentation:

“Research indicates online learning is more effective and less expensive than in-person learning. This presentation provides tips for departments and officers who desire to integrate online learning into their training regimen. The presentation identifies the top three reasons why online learning is not widely used for police training, then introduces four strategies to build effective, interesting courses that save departments money and increase officer information retention rates.

Learning Objectives: Following the presentation, attendees will be able to:

  • Articulate how the learning outcomes of online courses compare with traditional in-person courses
  • Determine and compare the cost profiles of online and in-person training options
  • List the components of an effective online course
  • Identify uses for online training in law enforcement
  • Recognize barriers to successful online learning
  • Given a training topic, develop the framework of an effective online course”

For more information about the conference, visit and we hope to see you there.