Bonus Section

Good Day
When you registered for the monthly Academy Membership you were also eligible for the bonus content which includes a non-dynamic .pdf version of the Death Investigators Magazine. Along with other bonus items that will be put into that section going forward.

The instruction to link that section to your dashboard was in the first welcome email but some missed it.

At this time only one person has linked the bonus section content, so I have included instructions below if you wish to gain access to that bonus section.

As always, I appreciate you and trust you will have a great week.

As a member, you also get access to other exclusive content. To get access to that section follow the directions below to have it added to your dashboard.

Go to this link:

Register for the “course” as normal and enter the following course  code:  ditamember

You should now see the ‘course’ show up on your dashboard and the content will there. This bonus content is updated every month and you will be notified when new content is available.

Again, Welcome to the community!