Course Starting Soon

Good Morning

We are rapidly approaching the start of the Summer 2019 session of the Medicolegal Death Investigation Online Academy. As we are only a few days out I wanted to touch base with you on a few need to know items.

The course is in your dashboard and will open as of Saturday July 13th. You will then be able to proceed through the modules in the order they are presented. The first two videos will get you started off right and give you direction if you find yourself with questions or needing clarification.

After the first couple of weeks we will offer a live video chat for questions and answers with myself and some other instructors. You will be given plenty of notice of these and they typically will be on a Saturday.

If, between the live chat sessions you have questions or need clarification on any of the subject matter just click the ask a question button or email me directly and we can schedule a video or phone chat. You are not alone in this course. It is self-paced, but there are always instructors ready to help.

Welcome to the course and I look forward to meeting you along the way.

Darren Dake