MDI Course starting Saturday

Good morning

We are just a few days away from the start of the November session of the Medicolegal Death Investigation Online Academy. In preparation for the 9th I wanted to give you a few notes and pointers.

1. On the 9th the course will open to you and you can start progressing through the content as you please. Each video and section must be completed prior to moving forward.

2. The first section will introduce you to the course and will give you some pointers for success and how to trouble shoot any technical issues.

3. All the instructors are simply an email, do not feel overwhelmed or have questions you don’t get answered we will help you in every way we can.

4. A couple of times during the first 6-8 weeks you will be notified of upcoming live sessions. These are optional but are a good way to get involved in ongoing conversation and ask questions

Welcome to the course and I look forward to meeting you along the way.