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Tired of living paycheck to paycheck? Feel like you can’t get ahead? Budgeting 101 is for you. 

Develop your path to financial freedom with MotorCop.

Budgeting 101 is a course for officers wishing to control their money and stop stressing about income every payday. The Budgeting 101 concepts were developed by MotorCop while paying off over $77,000 of debt in a 28-month period. Those concepts are divided into four course modules:

  • Why Budget? The concept of Why and how it applies to your finances
  • Compiling Monthly Obligations The steps it takes to figure out all your monthly bills
  • Building Your Budget Developing an understandable and sustainable budget
  • Reconciliation Using reconciliation to stay aligned with budget goals

Watch as MotorCop describes the Budgeting 101 philosophy:

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if you’ve come to the point where you’re tired of living with what I call the OT Cycle (spending more because you’ve worked more, which only causes you to have to work more), then you can walk with me and learn what we did to break out of the cycle ourselves.

We did all this by starting with one thing and learning it well: budgeting.

And now, it’s your turn.