This course is designed to help Law Enforcement Officers start, build, and transition to their own business utilizing the skills, experiences, and training they have gained during their time spent working in LE.

Many officers join the force for personal and professional reasons (income, challenge, adrenaline) yet get burned out shortly thereafter due to stress, shift work, low pay, personal risk, high liability, etc. Failing to take full advantage of the training, certifications, and skills learned while in uniform is a large mistake.

Every officer has options.  This course will make those options clear.

Whether starting as a part time or full time endeavor, this course will help officers launch a new business or grow their current business to a point where they may leave the beat, work for themselves, create their own schedule, and earn significant income.  Course is designed for individual instruction at participants selected time and date that works with their schedule.  Instructor will coordinate specific dates and times to personally instruct the student through online teleconferencing software.

Course will cover topics as shown:

  • Reasons to Start – Now vs. Later
  • Understanding Risks and Rewards
  • Finding Balance/Moving from a side business to F/T
  • Determining Which Type Of Business To Start
  • Defining, Developing, and Building Your Competitive Advantage
  • Advantages and Disadvantages Of Different Types Of Businesses
  • Business Tax Advantages
  • IRS Red Flags
  • Start Up, Funding, and Assistance Tools
  • Online Marketing
  • SEO/Website Dominance (Guest SME Lecture on these topics are included)
  • Insurance Options
  • Lesson’s Learned
  • Networking Options and Tools

Materials Provided:

  • Course Syllabus
  • Resource Manual
  • Guest SME lecture included in cost of course
  • Gift subscription to INC., Fast-Company, or Entrepreneur Magazine

Taught LIVE by Mr. Brendan King, CEO and Founder of Crisis Consultant Group, LLC ( former Patrol and Tactical Operator for nearly 10 years, this course is not to be missed. Having grown his company from a side job while working FT in LE, to now a FT endeavor operating in 28 states, consulting and training Fortune 500 companies, as well as local, state, and federal agencies.  His experiences both on the beat and off, will help students become successful- no matter how they choose to define it for themselves.

*Session Dates – As determined by student and Instructor upon purchase