We have entered a new era.

This new and rapidly evolving aspect of modern financial matters, are rapidly growing and in use in nearly every country in the world.

The world of digital money, also known as cryptocurrencies has burst on to the scene and continues to evolve a breakneck speed.

Given the current growth and maturing of the technology, process and markets many have come to believe cryptocurrencies are about to go mainstream.

Many people do not realize that the total value of all cryptocurrencies in operation at this time exceeds the individual Gross Domestic Product or GDP of over 60% of the countries listed in the CIA’s World Fact Book.

While it has many benefits, some actual and some perceived, there is a dark side to this developing form of value transfer.

This 2 part program will introduce you to the concept and current reality of cryptocurrencies, as well as provide insights into the dark side of this rapidly evolving form of digital value transfer or as many refer to it – money alternative.

We will examine the current state of cryptocurrencies, some of the metrics and measures, as well as some of the many business aspects associated with them.

We also will examine the dark side of cryptocurrencies and the implications for law enforcement.

We will also identify real-world law enforcement activities and incidents as well as case-law from court activities in various stages of the legal process.

All of this will provide you with a solid foundation to build your knowledge and skills needed to address the many law enforcement aspects of cryptocurrencies.