Membership has its privileges!

At the Death Investigation Academy, we believe education is a lifelong pursuit, and we want to empower you to achieve your goals throughout your life and career. We’re continually working to improve our courses and platform to give you access to relevant content, and to help you learn more efficiently and effectively.

We’re excited to announce Academy Membership– a new payment model that allows you to purchase access to all content in the online Academy on a month-by-month basis, with no long-term commitment required.

Each month a new course will be loaded into your dashboard. Take as much time as you need to complete the course, but a new one will arrive same time next month, and every month until you no longer want to keep learning. All courses are ABMDI and Missouri POST approved for continuing education credits.

Here are the course you’ll automatically receive each month:

  • Month 1: Determining Time of Death – A Forensic Overview
  • Month 2: Implications in Cause and Manner Rulings
  • Month 3: Proper Death Notification Procedures
  • Month 4: Understanding Sciences Used in Death Investigations
  • Month 5: Scene Arrival, Assessment and Documentation
  • Month 6: Investigating Infant and Child Death (SUIDI)
  • Month 7: Asphyxial Death – Classifications and Causes
  • Month 8: Courtroom Testimony, Preparation, and Credibility
  • Month 9: Recognizing and Combating Secondary Traumatic Stress (STS)
  • Month 10: Professional Conduct – Skills and Attributes
  • Month 11: Managing Workplace Conflict
  • Month 12: Autoerotic Fatalities – Interpreting and Investigating the Scene
  • Month 13: Chemical Suicide – First Responder Safety
  • Month 14: Cultural Diversity and Anger De-escalation for Death Investigators and Police
  • Month 15: Collecting and Documenting Evidence from the Body
  • Month 16: Cutting and Stabbing Injuries – A Forensic Overview
  • Month 17: Investigating Suicide and Self-Harm Death
  • Month 18: Understanding and Investigating Gun Shot Injury
  • Month 19: Investigative Value of Handwritten Statements
  • Month 20: Response and Understanding a Death Scene

We’re continually adding more courses, with future courses including Response and Understanding a Death Scene, Investigative Value of Handwritten Statements, and much more.

Get over 60 hours of the best AMBDI-certified online training available, and save over $450 off of course list prices when you become a Member.

Additional Member Perks

Academy members will also have exclusive access to resources and material not offered to the public.

Just a few of the things our members have access to:

  • A non-dynamic .pdf version of the Death Investigator Magazine
  • New online course to your dashboard every month
  • Exclusive discounts from vendor partners
  • 20% discount on all Academy classroom training
  • Bonus videos and resources
  • ……and much more


If I start my monthly membership can I cancel anytime?

Of course, but why in the world would you want to? Simply notify us and your payments, and access will end.

Do I get a certificate for each course completed every month?

Yes. After the course is completed and certificate will automagically appear for you to print. We will also mail you one.

Do I have to be working in the field as police or C/ME investigator to be a member?

No. Our courses are open to everyone. It is our goal that we training people looking to enter a career of their own or supporting roles.

Are the courses available on mobile devices?

Yes. All courses and content are viewable and actionable on any mobile device.