This course was designed as a guide to 911 Call Takers and Dispatchers on improving communications etiquette and customer service. In this course we will highlight all the important questions that must be asked during a call, and during radio communications. We will review customer service techniques and how they can be applied to the daily routine in a communications center, as well as stress and stress management skills. After completing the course, you will possess more information on the following topics:

  • The daily routine of emergency communications personnel
  • Essential skills for a successful career in public safety communications
  • Effective communications strategies for difficult callers
  • Barriers that prevent certain ages and cultural groups from being effective callers
  • How to identify your personality type and take advantage of your traits to succeed professionally
  • Techniques and strategies to relieve stress and emotional drainage

The course is designed to streamline call handling and customer service in the Emergency Communications Field. It is a student let course, with real life examples.

*This course is approved for continuing education credits in the state of Massachusetts.