For the first time in American history, four generations work side-by-side in the workplace. Competing values, beliefs, and goals often create stress and conflict amongst members of varying generations. Managing and leading the generations will require adept skills, insight, and a strong ability to collaborate. Generational Crossroads explores the generations including what made them who they are today and how each generation’s values, beliefs, and insights have contributed to our workplaces today. In addition, the course explores core competencies necessary for every leader to successfully navigate the change required to meet the needs of the emerging generation in the workforce while balancing the needs and expectations of older generations. The course instructors are Tim Janowick and Roy Bethge of Integritas Consulting and Research Group, LCC. ┬áTim currently serves as the Deputy Chief of the Field Operations Division at the Mount Prospect (IL) Police Department and Roy serves as the Administrative Sergeant at the Buffalo Grove (IL) Police Department.