Hostage taking incidents have increased steadily over the past decade, adding complexity and danger to many law enforcement and corrections situations. With this rate of increase, officers are more likely to find themselves involved in an active hostage situation, and this course provides the tools officers need to assess the situation, develop an appropriate response, balance negotiation and tactical responses, and help work toward a resolution. To do so, this course will introduce the principles of hostage negotiation in a manner designed to increase understanding of how to MANAGE, NEGOTIATE and SURVIVE. The course is designed for individuals such as law enforcement or correctional personnel who may find themselves called upon to manage and negotiate an active hostage situation. Additionally, the course is appropriate for active Negotiating Team members and those who wish to be negotiators. After completing the course, students will be able to:

  • Build, train, and assign positions on a hostage negotiations team
  • Identify how to assist tactical personnel during a hostage event
  • Effectively debrief a released hostage
  • Respond to demands in an appropriate and effective manner
  • Communicate with suicidal or emotionally disturbed individuals
  • Practice active listening while communicating in a hostage event
  • List survival strategies and tips to employ if they are ever taken hostage
  • Manage post-event communications with involved individuals

The course uses video, audio, lectures, and examples to document real-world events and connect those events to best practices. Students will receive several resources to assist with real-world operations, including a hostage debriefing checklist and a negotiating guidelines checklist.