Learn more about terrorism trends at the local level and how to better prepare citizens and locations in communities you protect against looming dangers.

Do local citizens in your jurisdiction know what to do if caught in the middle of a deadly crisis?

Terrorism and other mass violence dangers are NOT going away. Your community members must learn to protect themselves in a deadly crisis until first responders arrive on the scene. Attacks are happening in all global communities including in the United States. Be on the forefront to educate your community in being safe and resilient from mass violence.

This 3-hour Missouri POST certified course* is designed to instruct Law Enforcement professionals on dangers from terrorism in the local community as well as provides lessons enabling Law Enforcement in directing citizens in their jurisdictions on preparation, awareness to face threats as well react smartly and safely if caught in a crisis.

This Law Enforcement course is for you:

  • If you are a Law Enforcement Professional that wants to expand your knowledge about dangers from individuals embracing ISIS and other terrorist ideology in your jurisdiction.
  • If you want to learn more information that assists you and your agency’s efforts in advising and assisting local citizens in being proactive, more aware and plan to face everyday dangers including from terrorism and other motivations for mass violence.
  • If you want to learn more about lessons learned from fighting terrorist overseas that directly applies to Law Enforcement local actions identifying threats and protecting communities.
  • If you want to learn from the discussion on terrorist tactics promoted by ISIS to its U.S. supporters as well as the community gatherings and activities most at risk from the nefarious group’s call for violence. Information that greatly assist Law Enforcement in protecting, preparing, and responding to incidents in their jurisdictions.
  • If you want to learn and discuss information that assists you and your agency’s efforts on educating community members to respond safely and smartly if caught in the middle of mass violence prior to the arrival of Law Enforcement first responders.


What will you learn?

  • Law Enforcement professionals will be armed with knowledge that provides important information to better protect community and locations within.
  • Law Enforcement professionals will be enabled to assist communities with creating an action plan that keeps citizens safe from everyday violence as well as in the event of a crisis.
  • Law Enforcement professionals are showcased simple but crucial tips that will assist their jurisdiction’s citizens on what to do in the event they are caught in the middle of a terror attack or crisis prior to the arrival of first responders.
  • Law Enforcement professionals will be given knowledge and recommendations that assist their instructing community citizens in increasing EDUCATION and CONFIDENCE in understanding the threats and enhancing personal safety.
  • Law Enforcement professionals will be updated on the current terrorism threats we are facing.
  • Law Enforcement professionals will be provided information and analysis of the terrorism trends playing out in our communities.
  • Law Enforcement professionals will develop more awareness in jurisdictions regarding to terrorism activity.

Are your jurisdiction’s citizens, spaces and places prepared for what to do in the event of a terrorist attack or deadly crisis?

With the growing dangers and enduring local threats from terrorism, as well as frequent acts of all types of mass violence happening in a cross section of communities, everyone must develop awareness and preparation to assist Law Enforcement in confronting and mitigating looming dangers. 

Law Enforcement Securing Communities: “How to Keep You and Your Loved Ones Safe in a Crisis” is a course designed for all law enforcement professionals to better identify and define the threat from ISIS recruitment and terrorism in jurisdictions as well as an effective training guide for law enforcement in preparing communities they protect in conducting proactive actions to stay safe as well as effective responses if caught in the middle of a mass violence event.

  1. You are provided with an overview of dangerous ISIS activity as it unfolds in neighborhoods and communities all over the nation.
  2. I also take you through discussions of mental preparation, mindset and resiliency developed by all law enforcement to enable your ability to prepare citizens in the community to better protect themselves in dangerous situations.
  3. You are also provided discussions of deadly tactics, type of places, and actions ISIS is urging and assisting its U.S. followers to conduct in communities you protect as well as recommendations for actions citizens can take in safely responding in the middle of deadly mass violence.
    1. These lessons and discussions assist you while working with communities and citizens in the actions and responses to violence to stay safe prior to the arrival of first responders.

The lessons are provided through video presentation, analysis, quizzes and a final test. Most Lectures have a corresponding “manual” of the information presented in the video format for ease of learning. Specific considerations for Law Enforcement are outlined in downloadable handout format. This session presents a guide to developing a safer jurisdiction by increasing your knowledge of terrorism activity, as well as presenting ways for you to direct community efforts that prepare citizens to identify potential dangers and react safely in the midst of a deadly event.

When the community and its protectors are educated on threat dynamics, this creates a “whole of community” confidence to prepare for possible dangers and react smartly when life threatening events come into your path.

Enroll in HNCT’s Law Enforcement Securing Communities: “How to Keep You and Your Loved Ones Safe in a Crisis”.  Learn more on local terrorism dynamics as well as ways for your community to help protect itself and survive a crisis at any location.

*This class is Missouri POST certified for 3-hours of credit.

*2-hours Interpersonal Training and 1-Hour Technical Training.