This course conveys guidance explaining what capabilities a linguist employs to accomplish diverse communication objectives in the law enforcement environment. Through videos, documents, presentations, and downloadable checklists, the course helps law enforcement officers understand what linguists provide, how to manage the linguist-officer relationship, and how to structure meetings involving linguists for maximum efficiency. The course starts by providing some basics on topic of linguists, then transitions into an exploration of pre-meeting activities. Meetings involving linguists must be well-structured, and the course offers pre-meeting preparation tips, examines how to properly prepare, suggests what to wear, and offers a pre-meeting checklist. Next, the course examines the interaction, and studies seating configurations, meeting flow, introducing the linguist, and providing the linguist with useful instructions. Finally, the course offers post-meeting thoughts, and focuses on the post-meeting debrief and common issues experienced with linguist use. After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Prepare a linguist for law enforcement interactions
  • Correctly use a linguist in a professional setting
  • Employ optimal seating or standing configurations during meetings involving linguists
  • Conduct a comprehensive post-meeting debrief
  • Identify and overcome issues associated with linguist use

This course is appropriate for any law enforcement officer or security professional who may use a linguist during official operations. Current linguists may also benefit from the course and sharpen their skills using the included checklists, presentations, and videos.