Aspiring chiefs: Are you facing an in-basket exercise as part of your promotion process?

Acing the in-basket exercise requires excellent planning and organizing, judgment, decision making, and other skills, and practicing for your in-basket will improve your submission and increase your chances of promotion. If you are ready to boost your existing skills and take your preparation efforts to the next level, the In-Basket Masterclass is for you. Choose from one of three Masterclass options based on your promotional testing process:

Starter Masterclass

Explore how an in-basket is assessed, define what skill dimensions evaluators use to score responses, and complete a full 2-hour multiple choice in-basket. This exercise consists of a 20-item in-basket and a corresponding multiple choice test where you’ll receive immediate feedback on your chosen problem solving strategies.

Premium Masterclass

Complete all Starter activities PLUS a second paper-based in-basket exercise where you’ll review a new 19-item in-basket, write your responses, and submit them to us through an electronic dropbox. We’ll score your submission, provide comprehensive feedback, and help you polish your skills.

VIP Masterclass

Complete all Starter and Premium activities PLUS conduct a two-hour video coaching session where we’ll provide additional feedback on your written in-basket submission and work with you in real-time to sharpen your skills and prepare you to submit the perfect responses at test time.

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of each Masterclass option:

The In-Basket Masterclass was developed by L.J. Craig & Associates, Inc., a management and organizational consulting firm that develops in-basket assessments for police and sheriff’s offices throughout the United States and provides one-one-one promotion preparation consulting services. In addition to all the features listed above, each Masterclass course includes unlimited messaging with L.J. Craig & Associates, Inc. consultants so you’ll never be alone as you get ready for the big day.

The most effective leaders develop and improve their skills through preparation, practice, and reflection. Get ready to lead your department with the In-Basket Masterclass. Register below to immediately begin the VIP Masterclass.