The course is based upon basic medicolegal death investigation principles. It is subdivided into 10 modules which contain course work and mixed modes of learning regarding their respective areas in death investigation. The student will be responsible for completing the assigned readings from our course textbook for each module, in addition to other materials presented. We feel that by offering a textbook based course, in addition to a structured learning program featuring various lectures, power points, specific assignments, podcasts and educational videos, we will be able to offer a mixed approach to help the student understand & retain the knowledge efficiently. This course is designed for providing the educational opportunity to create a competent medicolegal death investigator. This is an excellent course for a new MDI for a coroner/medical examiner’s office or a veteran in the field. Often times due to travel or expense, many offices may delay or be unable to provide the investigator with the opportunity to receive solid instructional training, outside of on the job training. This program bridges the the gap and makes the opportunity for all investigators to complete an in depth training course a reality. Keep in mind this is not a (1) week 40 hour lecture. This is an 8 week training program to create competent medicolegal death investigators, where the student will be required to demonstrate the knowledge and skills learned before being issued a course completion certificate.