This course is designed to help departments build and execute their own Moment of Truth program. Moment of Truth is a community policing initiative that uses education to improve police-citizen relationships by de-mistifying police-citizen interactions. The ‘Moment of Truth’ for most people occurs when they’ve been stopped by a law enforcement officer, and this program helps Departments explain why they conduct stops, how their officers behave during stops, how civilians, should act, and what rights civilians possess during encounters with officers. This Creation Guide contains everything a Department, Community Relations Officer, or Public Affairs Officer needs to build a specific, engaging, and effective Moment of Truth course. The Guide explains the Moment of Truth concept, breaks down required curriculum components, provides content templates and suggestions, and identifies resources, teaching tips, and more. As you move through the content, you’ll build your course, and your instructor will provide feedback, advice, and assistance. By the end of the course, you’ll have a complete, specific Moment of Truth course ready to execute!