Do you realize that the United States business sector spends more on scientific research and technologic advances than any other country in the world?  Would you be shocked that foreign governments are incredibly interested in these types of information or products?  How about competitors in the corporate field?

This course was designed to provide a basic understanding of how corporate (or industrial) espionage occurs.  Most importantly, the content will lay out key indicators that any employee can observe while in thier place of work.  The intent of the course is to raise awareness of this critical issue.  Keep in mind, corporate espionage costs us billions every year.  With new advances in technology occuring everyday; there are more innovative efforts to collect propriatary information!  Information collectors are becoming more agressive in thier efforts and count on individuals to be unaware of strange behaviors…or as the course will detail: Indicators.

How does one draw the line between competitive intelligence and corporate espionage. Subsequently what are the risk indicators to take into consideration when working in the high stakes corporate environment?

This course will focus on basic corporate espionage indicators. By the end of this curriculum, the student should be familiar with the following topics:

1. What is corporate espionage; how does it affect the company and its employees?
2. Competitive Intelligence vs. Corporate Espionage
3. Indicators of corporate espionage
4. Case Studies