Every day massive quantities of YOUR Personal Identifiable Information are made readily accessible online within just a few quick keystrokes. Your full name, home address, phone number, email, family members, work history, browsing history and more are all being tracked, cataloged and sold with very little barriers needed to access that information. One doesn’t have to be a hacker anymore to have access to YOUR personal and private information.

As society becomes more fractured and divided the threat model for LEO’s has greatly increased as politically motivated violence is beginning to become the norm. Meanwhile, the risk from normal criminal activity still persists. Those digital ghosts in the machine are real.

This foundational 8+ hour course is built to Protect The Protectors by aiding Law Enforcement Officers, Special Agents, Detectives, and Investigators – all who are at risk of targeted violence and identity theft – to harden themselves digitally and in practice while becoming more private and more secure. Privacy is now tactical.