The Lie Boat is a professional training program focused on improving the investigative interviewing skills of individuals who are tasked with gathering and assessing information from people through investigative interviews or criminal interrogations. It is called The Lie Boat because the course is held on a cruise ship! Yes, a cruise ship! However, you gain some of the benefits of that training through this self-paced course with exposure to some of the instructors and training programs held on The Lie Boat! In this course Ray Bull teaches two training sessions, with the first one setting the foundation and key principles of investigative interviewing, and later he teaches a session on how to direct, supervise and evaluate the interview process with a great overview of the PEACE model of investigative interviewing. Wesley Clark discusses human memory and extracting truthful recall from memory during one training session, and another session on assessing language & lying within statements and interviews. James Kline teaches cognitive interviewing and the modified cognitive interview. Wesley Clark and James Kline held workshops on investigative statement analysis for both written statements as well as oral statements and 911 calls. Stan Walters talks about persuasive interviewing tactics and strategies as well as the causes and prevention of false confessions. There are several hours of training videos as well as slide presentations, supplemental research and other documents to facilitate your learning experience.