This course contains the entire In the Line of Duty What Would You Do? video library. What Would You Do? videos are 3-7 minute video presentations that analyze a particular real-world incident and challenge viewers to assess the behavior, procedures, and outcomes of the officers involved. Each video closely examines an actual situation involving law enforcement officers, identifies related training topics, and poses a series of questions to viewers. The videos are great for fostering discussion, and can help viewers critically analyze their own behaviors, procedures, and actions. In the library’s 33 videos, you’ll explore a variety of law enforcement situations, including close-in gunfights, shootouts in public places, courtroom brawls, dealing with bizarre behavior, uncooperative individuals at traffic stops, tasering, and much more. Purchasing this course will give you unlimited access to the library for one year and allows you to use the library for personal or department training. Thousands of police departments around the world trust their video training to Line of Duty, and this video library makes it easier and more cost effective for officers and departments to learn from the events and officers featured in each What Would You Do? video.