Introducing the DarkFIN Financial Crimes Training Program

In response to the explosive growth of fraud and financial crimes, The Counter Fraud Academy and IDEA Analytics have joined expertise to bring you a full-cycle, online financial crimes training program to enable detectives, special agents, patrol officers, and investigators to successfully address fraud and financial crimes in your operational theater. The combination of proven investigation and criminal justice strategies to detect, defeat, and disrupt financial crimes allows for innovative methods and systematic processes in identifying offenders, criminal networks and complacent parties.

Our online program allows investigative personnel to work at their own pace over the course of one year while building foundational and advanced levels of financial crimes investigation skills and abilities. Our experts guide you through subjects of fraud analysis, interview and interrogation, desktop investigations and open source intelligence collection to enhance your unit’s investigative skillset. Participants can earn continuing education or in-service credits upon the completion of these courses:

Foundations Courses

Introduction to Fraud and Financial Crimes 

The purpose of this course is to introduce you to financial intelligence and financial analysis for law enforcement investigations. Material and data in this course will review elements of money laundering, terrorist financing, explore the variety of financial institutions involved and provide you with resources on the laws governing money laundering.

Concept-Based Investigations 

This course will provide the conceptual foundations for conducting fraud and financial crimes investigations by breaking investigations into component parts. Topics include: conducting Desktop Investigations vs. Field Investigations, Ethics, the construction of the Investigative Unit and more will be discussed.

Introduction to Desktop-Based Investigative Concepts

This course applies data collection and analysis techniques to open source information to maximize investigative resources. Modules will include basic information for social media investigations and foundational information on data integrity, source verifications, search techniques and basic Internet infrastructure knowledge to support evidence processes.

Interviewing Foundations

Investigative interviewing is an acquired skill that is a necessary part of conducting successful investigations. It is also a perishable skill that requires training, practice and time. This course provides a road map for acquiring those necessary investigative interviewing skills. In this course we discuss the Who, What, When, Where, Why and How of conducting investigative interviews with an eye toward moving into an understanding of the importance of rapport building in the interview process. Rapport building steps prior to, during, and after the interview are discussed as is how to transition from the initial rapport building stage to the core portion of the interview. Additionally, there is bonus discussion on presentation during the interview process.

Future Courses will be added as need and demand present. Currently potential future courses in development include:

  • Data Sources and Analysis
  • Investigative Hermeneutics and Textual Evidence Integrity
  • Dark Markets and the Deep Web
  • Pre-connaissance: Surveillance Preparation
  • Multi-Jurisdictional and Agency Investigations
  • Applied Analytical Team Interviewing
  • DarkFIN: Capstone

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