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Facing an oral board or structured interview? Oral Boards Made Easy is for you. 

Start your path to promotion with this totally updated video-based course. Perfect proven strategies for delivering high-impact oral board responses.

Oral Boards Made Easy™ is a video-based promotion preparation course for officers wishing to be prepared and confident throughout their promotion process to the ranks of corporal, sergeant, lieutenant, or captain. The course contains 20 video modules, a 48-page downloadable action plan which reinforces each lesson with helpful tips and techniques, and multiple practice oral boards. Each module can be viewed in less than 20 minutes, although you will want to allow time to practice while you are learning and developing your oral board skills.

Watch as Assistant Chief (Ret.) Bill Reilly discusses the course and get a free preview of the entire first module:

The Oral Boards Made Easy™ concepts were developed by Chief Reilly while preparing for his police promotion oral boards and assessment center.  His results were:

  • #1 on sergeant promotion list: oral board exam process.
  • #1 on lieutenant promotion list: oral board exam process.
  • #1 on captain promotion list: oral board exam process.
  • #1 on assistant chief promotion list: assessment center process.

As a former police academy commander and a currently certified police leadership instructor, Chief Reilly narrates each of the 20 modules he created, as well as demonstrates each of the answer strategies. Because Chief Reilly does not want you to “go it alone” during your oral board preparation, you will have FREE course messaging access to him while you are enrolled and an opportunity to add a discounted one-to-one telephone Feedback Session with him once you have completed the course. This Feedback Session offer is only available to e-Learning course participants.

If you are committed to getting promoted this time around, don’t you owe it to yourself to be thoroughly prepared and confident at your oral board? Click on each option to learn more and register.

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