3D Training & Consulting

3D Training & Consulting

Mark Butler, the founder of 3D PTC, has dedicated his life to protecting and serving the nation through military and law enforcement service. He has over 20 years’ experience in safety and security measures applicable to modern challenges and concerns.

As a non commissioned officer in the United States Army, he has trained soldiers domestically and internationally operating in various military arenas, both hostile and peaceful. As a leader, he has supervised long-range reconnaissance units, military intelligence units and other operations. A training accident stunted his military career; however this experience fueled his discipline and determination to provide safe training and operations in his second career.

As a law enforcement officer, Mark specializes in tactical police operations, property crimes, drug investigations, property crimes and community policing. His deep knowledge of organized crime tactics has enabled him to conduct long-term operations and successfully infiltrate several organized crime groups within the United States and internationally. As a result, he has worked with multiple federal agencies to successfully convict criminals in state and federal courts. He is proficient in close quarter combat fighting, martial arts, small unit tactical operations, undercover operations, intelligence procedures and special investigations.

Mark employs his dedication, discipline and determination as a foundation for 3D PTC. The professional staff of 3D PTC shares these principles and delivers them throughout their training and consulting services. We don’t believe in the second best or unsafe options and neither should you.

3D PTC looks forward to sharing decades of experience, practical and specialized knowledge to your organization for a safer community.