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Increase student enrollments and boost course profits with Law Enforcement Learning’s advertising partnerships.

When you build and sell your courses at Law Enforcement Learning, you’ll gain access to the best advertising distribution channels in the industry. After you publish a course on the site, you’ll automatically receive:


link-to-policetraining.net-399x44-logo-onlyA free one-year listing on Policetraining.net. Over 80,000 officers a month come to Policetraining.net to look for courses, and listing your course on the site will help you put students into your offerings.


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A free one-year listing on www.TrainingInfoCentral.com. Training Info Central’s unique search tools help trainers reach a broader market and identify what training is needed. Listing your course on the site will help you shape your training program to fit industry demands.




Officercom 2010Affordable advertising rates on Officer.com, the largest interactive audience of law enforcement professionals. With our partners at Officer.com, we’ve designed three options to help maximize your reach.

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