What is Law Enforcement Learning?

Law Enforcement Learning is a website that enables law enforcement and security professionals to teach and learn online. The site hosts courses taught by individuals, training companies, departments, and agencies in the law enforcement and security fields. Law Enforcement Learning’s technology allows any law enforcement or security professional to use video, audio, documents, presentations, quizzes, assignments, and live classes to build a course and deliver it to members of the police and security communities. Individuals and training companies can use the site to build or expand an audience and earn active or passive income from each student enrollment. Departments and corporations can use the site to deliver internal training content and, in doing so, save on expensive hosting, contracting and consulting costs.

Who can use the site?

Current and former law enforcement and security professionals can teach and take courses on Law Enforcement Learning. Sworn law enforcement officers and others with direct law enforcement requirements are eligible to create verified accounts that enable them to build, teach, and access sensitive law enforcement content. Other site users can teach and enroll in courses not classified as law enforcement sensitive by their creators.

What types of courses are offered on Law Enforcement Learning?

Instructors can build and teach two different types of courses on the site. The first type, Open courses, allow students to enroll at any time and complete the courses whenever they have time to do so. Open courses do not require any instructor participation once the course is built and published, but instructors can require quizzes, accept assignments, conduct rolling discussions, and schedule live interactions to ensure students remain engaged and connected. The second type, Instructor-led courses, allow instructors to guide students through content over a series of weeks. Instructor-led courses have defined start times, and enrollment in an instructor-led course closes on the course start date. These courses are similar to college-style distance learning offerings, and often include assignments, discussion boards, and projects.

How much does it cost to take a course?

It depends. Instructors set their own course costs, and usually price them between $5 and $350. For departments and organizations that wish to create and teach internal content, we’ll set a flat rate based on the number of courses and users – this option will cost between $5 and $10 per student for each course. To request more information or to receive a department or organization price quote, email us at support@lawenforcementlearning.com and estimate how many courses and students you’d like to support.

How much does it cost to teach a course?

Nothing. Any law enforcement or security professional can create a course for free. When students enroll in the course, Law Enforcement Learning will take 30% of each enrollment and send the other 70% to the instructor.

How do I become an instructor?

Simply click the Register link and create an account. You’ll be able to teach or take classes once you do. It is free to become an instructor and, if you’d like to teach sensitive law enforcement material, verify your user account after signing up.

How do instructors get paid?

Instructors will receive 70% of each student enrollment. Law Enforcement Learning will pay you once each month through PayPal.

How do I pay for a course?

You can use a credit card or debit card to purchase individual courses. For departments, organizations, and other large-scale users who pay with purchase orders, we can invoice you directly, generate a unique course code for your students, and remove the payment requirement for your enrollees. With this method, students receive a unique code, input the code during registration, and move directly into their assigned course without using their own funds for payment.

What is an Installment Plan?

Some courses allow you to choose between one one-time payment and three monthly installments. When you register for the course, you'll be able to either pay the identified price one time or pay for the course in three installments charged once each month for three consecutive months. The single course price may be lower than the total price paid through installments; for example, an instructor may set a one-time course cost as $500 and price each installment as $200, resulting in a total installment plan cost of $600. All installment payments are fully automated and will be charged to your card on the day of purchase in three consecutive months. For example, if you sign up for an installment plan on March 1, your card will be automatically charged for the second and third installment payments on April 1 and May 1. If you choose an installment plan, you'll be charged the first payment upon course registration and will have immediate access to all course materials.

What is a Subscription?

A Subscription allows an instructor to deliver new content to you each month in exchange for one recurring monthly fee. When you sign up for a Subscription, you'll pay the identified amount once each month and, in return, you'll automatically receive new subscription content. For example, if you sign up for a Subscription on March 10, you'll receive your initial content immediately, and your next course will be automatically delivered to you on April 10. You'll be charged the identified amount upon delivery, and your Subscription will continue until you cancel it or the instructor completes delivering all included content. All Subscription payments are fully automated.

I don’t have experience designing and building online courses. Can you help?

Yes. We provide course design assistance, video production, and everything else you need to build a great, professional online course. To set up a consultation, go here:

Is my material safe?

Yes. Your courses are encrypted and stored on secure cloud servers. When we use third-party vendors, we vet them to make sure they employ appropriate security precautions and safeguard material and data. Finally, all students are manually validated before they are allowed to access law enforcement sensitive course material and instructors have the authority to admit or refuse any potential student interest in their courses.

How are students vetted?

When students sign up for sensitive courses, they include their law enforcement affiliation and the name and contact information of a supervisor for manual verification. A Law Enforcement Learning representative will use this information to contact each student’s organization or department and confirm his or her law enforcement status; only current and former law enforcement personnel are eligible for verification.

Who owns the content once it is on the site?

Instructors, departments, and companies retain all rights to their content while the content is on Law Enforcement Learning. The site does not own any content produced by anyone who uses it to deliver courses. If you have questions, please see our Terms of Use for additional details.

Can I remove my course from the site?

Yes. You can remove your course at any time from the site. To remove your course, email our support address. We’ll verify that the course does not have active students, and we’ll remove it.

Why should I create a course on Law Enforcement Learning?

For Individuals and training companies, the site will help you develop or grow your audience. If you have a unique skill, technique, or approach, you can use the site to share your knowledge and generate income from your experiences. If you have a training company, you can use the site to expand outside of your geographic region, increase your customer base, and offer new training solutions. Finally, if you are a department or corporation, you can save on hosting, contracting, and consulting costs and still deliver meaningful, modern content to your employees. By using internal assets to create courses and allowing Law Enforcement Learning to handle hosting, delivery, and tracking, you’ll ensure your content remains true to your organization’s culture and requirements and still cut costs.

How do I enable 2-Factor Authentication?

2-Factor Authentication will help you keep your account safe from bad actors. Watch this tutorial here to learn how to enable the feature:

My quiz score doesn't make sense. What's going on?

Does your quiz grade seem off? It's not a mistake; it's how we compute answers. Our algorithm grades a correct answer as a +1 and an incorrect answer as a -1. This means that you can score a 0% and still get some questions correct. The nature of the subject matter that our instructors teach means that incorrect answers should be weighted more than zero. Many mistakes in law enforcement have significant legal or safety consequences, and our approach is that mistakes in law enforcement training should demonstrate those negative consequences.

My video won't upload. What's wrong?

We have a video upload limit of 300mb, and your video won't upload if it is larger than that size. To fix the issue, you can compress your video to a smaller file size or split it up into multiple parts. If neither of these options work, contact us at support@lawenforcementlearning.com and we'll upload the entire video for you.

Do I need to be verified to take courses on the site?

No, you do not need to be verified to take most courses on Law Enforcement Learning. Verified courses are identified by banners at the top of their registration pages. If you do not see a banner on the registration page, the course does not require you to complete the verification process. If the course is limited to Verified users, you must complete the Verification process prior to gaining access to course content.

Can I enroll multiple officers and pay via purchase order or single invoice?

Yes, you can. Please email us at support@lawenforcementlearning.com. Include the course name, full name and email addresses of all enrollees, and a billing contact. We'll enroll everyone, send them their account information, and send one invoice to your identified point of contact.

Where can I find my certificate?

Every course on Law Enforcement Learning offers a completion certificate. To download your certificate, complete the final module of your course, typically a Course Feedback survey, and then click on the “Next: Course Complete” link at the top right hand corner of your screen. This will generate your certificate and email it to your user dashboard as well as to the email address you used to register with the site.

What is the Affiliate Program?

The Law Enforcement Learning Affiliate program provides instructors with the ability to create and use affiliates to boost course sales. The program works by enabling instructors to generate unique affiliate links to their courses. When an affiliate link is used to make a purchase, we’ll track that referral and pay the Affiliate a commission rate that you set. Interested? Click below for more information.

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