Welcome to the course!

Are you ready to explore money laundering and financial transactions?

Let me start by saying that I am very excited about this course for two reasons – 1) Putting the pieces of a puzzle together to dismantle a threat to our country is always a successful feeling and 2) I find online learning to be a challenge and I am determined to make a difference in how this is done.

To kick things off, please be sure to watch the introduction video and review the syllabus for information regarding assignments, objectives and other administrative items. As you work through the course at your pace, please reach to me at any time with questions or comments. If I receive common questions or discover additional material that addresses these topics, I will address these by adding in modules and notifying all of you. We all work best when information is shared and discussed, so I hope to facilitate that type of learning environment here.

I look forward to guiding you through this course and learning more about your jurisdictions!

– Jessica