Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs (OMC’s) are a highly secretive and notorious subculture with a sometimes bloody and violent history.  For the very first time, this unprecedented course pulls the curtain back and gives you a an inside look at OMC’s through the eyes of one of the most influential and unique Outlaw Motorcycle Club members in American history, Jeff “Twitch” Burns.

Professionally, Jeff is nationally and internationally recognized as an elite counterterrorism expert, covert operator, and best-selling author. He has almost twenty-five years of international high-threat protective services and covert operations experience in both the government and private sectors, which includes ten years of law enforcement experience conducting complex undercover operations. He has completed over 8,000 hours of advanced level special operations and law enforcement training, and is board certified in Dignitary and Executive Protection (CDEP) by the American Board for Certification in Homeland Security, board-certified as a Certified Master Anti-terrorism Specialist (CMAS) by the Anti-terrorism Accreditation Board, U.S. Department of State Worldwide Protective Services 2 (WPS2) qualified and holds numerous advanced special operations and firearms instructor certifications.

When it comes to his life in the outlaw motorcycle club world, Jeff was mentored by notorious Hells Angels enforcer Josh Binder. He spent over twenty-two years as a prominent member of the outlaw motorcycle club world and was a well-known and respected one-percenter (1%er) in arguably one of the most influential outlaw motorcycle clubs in the United States. Unlike any other expert on the subject, Jeff has been involved in numerous closed-door meetings with the highest-ranking leadership in the 1% outlaw motorcycle club world from all the most powerful clubs, as well as been a guest in their clubhouses, homes, and businesses, giving him an unequaled base of knowledge on the subject. Additionally, he helped unify the motorcycle club community on the national level for the purposes of fighting law enforcement harassment and helped pass the first two laws addressing motorcycle profiling by law enforcement in the United States (Washington & Maryland). He produced the award-winning guerrilla documentary What It’s All About, which chronicles the unification of the Washington state motorcycle clubs and the birth of the American Motorcycle Profiling Movement, and in 2014, he was nominated for induction into the American Motorcycle Hall of Fame in two categories; Leadership and Motorcycle Rights.

Unquestionably the most comprehensive and unique Outlaw Motorcycle Club (OMC) training course ever, this course is designed for attorneys, educators, media, and law enforcement with a need for truly advanced, unbiased, and accurate information on Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs and the best ways to investigate them.

Topics Covered:

  • History of outlaw motorcycle clubs
  • Organizational structure & membership process
  • Identification of patches and tattoos
  • The psychology of OMC members
  • Detailed examination of the most influential motorcycle clubs in the United States
  • Motorcycle club-related violence
  • An Examination of the Major OMG Investigations
  • Investigation techniques & undercover operations
  • Understanding and interacting with OMC members
  • Legal and ethical considerations for law enforcement when dealing with OMC members and their associates.
  • Forecast for OMC Culture.