The DISC personality profile is a personal assessment tool that helps individuals or teams improve communication, teamwork, and productivity. In law enforcement, good leaders, managers, and investigators are great communicators, and understanding personality helps:

  • Leaders communicate properly, motivate effectively, and assign tasks in a way that maximizes subordinate strengths
  • Officers recognize others’ strengths and communicate effectively both up and down the chain of command
  • Investigators adjust their interview and interrogation strategies to fit different behavioral styles and contexts

Taught by Everything DiSC® certified trainer Timothy Bonadies and police coaching expert Bill Mikaluk, this course is designed to help law enforcement and security professionals improve their interpersonal communication, leadership, and management skills through the targeted application of the DISC personality profile. During the course, you will complete the DISC instrument and analyze your results. Next, you will develop strategies to identify the behavioral styles you encounter and adjust your behavior to better communicate with others. Finally, you will explore organizational culture and develop ways to develop a positive and productive organizational culture through your increased knowledge of personality. By the end of the course, you will:

  • Know your own behavioral style
  • Recognize the different behavioral styles you encounter
  • Be able to adjust your communication style to fit different personality types
  • Understand how personality impacts leadership, management, and personnel decisions

If you are interested in enrolling multiple officers or administering the DISC through your department, please contact us.