Courses to build:
– REALife Success System
– Leader’s Dashboard (w/Andrew Neitlich?)

Courses to Co-Facilitate:
– Dare To Be Great (Brian Willis)
– Christian Cops / Fitness and Energy (Mark Sherwood)
– Solid Relationship in LEO (Cheryl Brown)
– PerfecQuest Training (Brian Hill)
– Executive Leadership (Mary Johnson), plus e-mail course
– Emergency Preparedness (Jason Welin)
– Energy Leadership (Karen Sullivan)
– Problem-Based Learning (Lonnie Croal)
– Advanced Communication for Cops (Ray Bailey)
– Promotion Preparation (Rick Gagnon)
– Leadership Extreme (Dave /Damarco)
– The Power of FOCUS (Les Hewitt)
– FLAG Page (w/permission)

– “The Possibility Project”…

possible ‘free’ courses for promo:
– Positive Psychology (Bill Turpin?)
– CBT: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
– NLP: Neuro-Linguisitc Programming
– Instant Influence (w/permission)
– Essentialism (w/permission)