Welcome to Law Enforcement Learning! If you are interested in creating, marketing, and teaching in the Law Enforcement Learning community, this course is designed for you. You’ll learn how to build a dynamic online course, become familiar with all of the materials you can use to build a Law Enforcement Learning course, discover student enrollment and verification processes, and receive tips on course creation and planning. Furthermore, you’ll receive information on pricing and advertising strategies and explore how to create great videos, record high-quality audio, and develop effective presentations. Whether you are a new instructor looking to get started or an experienced professional looking for a few new tips, How to Create a Law Enforcement Learning Course will help you maximize your content and build an effective learning experience.

Course Objectives:

  • To introduce the Law Enforcement Learning system to new instructors
  • To demonstrate content types & course creation techniques
  • To provide the technical skills instructors need to produce great video, audio, and eLearning experiences
  • To offer course planning strategies & tips