“Lessons learned can be used immediately to refute improper use of force allegations.”

– IA Commander I.N. Jonas, Vermont State Police

Documenting Force delivers proven strategies that help officers avoid unnecessary internal and external scrutiny.  Our ‘handy’ Documenting Force lessons provide dozens of report examples for use in the field.  Participants receive instruction on how to:

  • Explain decisions and actions in quantifiable terms.
  • Identify critical details needed for use of force reports.
  • Write and examine reports using step-by-step strategies.
  • Apply strategies that make reports easier to read and write.
  • Write consistently to avoid unnecessary liability and scrutiny.

Why FORCE Concepts? 

Apple or Android

Apple or Android

FORCE Concepts has delivered its one-of-a-kind Documenting Force curriculum for more than a decade.  In addition to providing expert witness testimony on behalf of officers in state and federal courts since 2001, instructors bring a unique blend of law enforcement, journalism, and technical writing expertise into the classroom. They also provide on-line participants with individual feedback on all written assignments.  The core concept behind Documenting Force is “less is more.” In other words, we train law enforcement professionals how to communicate their message using clear, concise, and consistent language.

Course materials are approved for POST or continuing education credit in 22 states, with more on the way.  Participants also receive our mobile application (Apple or Android) lesson with dozens of report examples and templates for use in the field.  Simply stated, our lessons fit in the palm of your hand and become effective on-duty job aids.