Have you ever been absolutely confused when investigating a rape allegation that involves drugs or alcohol? Do you have the necessary training in investigation of Drug Facilitated Sexual Assault, or DFSA?

According to a 2005 study, about 1/3 of all sexual assaults are facilitated by the use of a drug. Many of those cases fall through the cracks because of a lack of training for the investigating or responding officers.

Learn to Investigate Drug Facilitated Sexual Assault

By taking this course, you will better be able to detect a drug facilitated sexual assault and investigate it properly so you can have a successful prosecution and bring justice to the victim.

I put this course together over a decade ago, and have continuously updated it, because I watched too many DFSA cases fall through the cracks. I searched for training in how to investigate these cases and came up empty. All I could find were awareness courses. I wanted a course that taught me how to investigate DFSA.

I put this course together after speaking with experienced prosecutors, dedicated DFSA detectives, drug recognition experts and my own experience investigating DFSA and drug cases.

What You’ll Learn

In this DFSA course, we will make sure that you Understand what constitutes drug facilitated sexual assault.

  • Was it drunk sex, or was it a Drug Facilitated Sexual Assault?
  • You will learn the common drugs used in drug facilitated sexual assault.
  • You will have a complete Understanding of how to respond to the victim of a drug facilitated sexual assault.
  • You will Understand legal issues in drug facilitated sexual assault cases.
  • We will also talk about the DFSA suspect and their MO as well as Male on Male offenses.
  • We will talk about the proper collection of DFSA evidence, including the collection of toxicological evidence.
  • I’ll give you Interview techniques and questions for your initial interview of the victim.
  • We will talk about how to interview the suspect in a DFSA and do A review of toxicology in DFSA cases.

This class is designed for sexual assault investigators, patrol officers, school officials, victim advocates and sexual assault nurses.

Included with the course are DFSA guides and a search warrant example. If you still have questions after the course, we have a forum that you can ask questions that I will answer for you.