In this online training, the student will be introduced to the investigative value of handwritten statements as an investigative tool. The instructor will lead students through the proper techniques of obtaining a handwritten statement from any parties involved in a criminal investigation. Further explanation will be given as to why it is best, when possible, to obtain a written statement prior to an interview or interrogation.

The instructor also introduces the student to why written statements are subjective but analyzed on their own merit and not comparatively as with other forms of evidence. Further, the three forms of lies detected within a written statement will be covered and how to identify them.

This is an online video training and is designed to be interactive with students by random quizzes and final exam. Student login time is tracked per student to verify the time spent in the course if needed.   Testing cannot be done until videos are fully watched and videos cannot be skipped or advanced in the course.  Each video/course has a unique symbol or picture that will appear prominently during the video and is part of the test questions, this will ensure the video has been watched.  Certificates will only be available for print after successful completion of the final exam and the course evaluation.

Each certificate will indicate that it was an online training and will note the post control number and the CLEE hours given.


Michelle Doscher, PhD

Michelle’s unique background, encompassing analytical chemistry, crime scene investigations, and forensic interviewing, has produced a repertoire of skills, enhancing her credibility as an investigative psychologist. Michelle’s approach to research and training are similar.

Whether she is analyzing behavioral or physical evidence, Michelle capitalizes on identifying the most basic leads to yield valid and reliable results.  She naturally emphasizes Locard’s principle, not only when referencing physical evidence but also behavioral interactions.  Michelle’s passion is the forensic sciences, hence her incessant desire to bring attention to a newer branch of applied psychology, investigative psychology.