LIVE Online Training – July 23, 2016, 1:00 PM E.S.T.

Most grant funding sources do not know who you are and are not familiar with your agency or the problems you are attempting to deal with. Since you are asking them to supply funding to handle a problem, you must always present a comprehensive application to them which spells out the problem and justifies the need for which you are asking for funding.

One of the best ways to do this is to perform a needs and capabilities assessment of your agency and then use that data to help tell your story and justify your need to the funding source.

Course Objectives

This informative webinar will tell you how to:

  1. Properly conduct a needs and capabilities assessment
  2. Use the results of that assessment to prioritize your grant needs
  3. Take the results of that needs assessment and use it to better explain the problem you are having and why you need assistance
  4. Use the needs and capabilities assessment to justify your need and provide hard data with which to make that justification
  5. Use the results of the needs and capabilities assessment to lay out short and long term strategies for resolving problems prior to them becoming a crisis

Participant Benefits

All webinar attendees will receive the following items:

  • Access to a live 2-hour webinar. Listen to Kurt, ask questions, and get the information you need in real-time
  • Access to the webinar video after it is over. Go back, review items, and perfect your strategies
  • A certificate of completion

If you are a public safety official who is responsible for writing, reviewing, or submitting grant applications, this webinar will boost your grant knowledge and get you ready to receive the funding you need.