This course is designed for the uniformed officer who needs further knowledge on how to investigate DUI cases where the suspect may have ingested marijuana. This is not designed for a Drug Recognition Expert. It is designed for officers that have basic DUI training, SFST training, or ARIDE training.

States across the country are passing laws that legalize marijuana for recreational and medicinal use at a dizzying pace. Unfortunately, law enforcement has not been keeping up with the liberalization of marijuana laws. Studies have shown that marijuana DUI’s increased in states that have legalized marijuana. However, states have not been able to keep up with the demand of training our officers in the art of marijuana DUI detection.

Sending your entire agency to the Drug Recognition School isn’t an option either since the DRE course is an investment of over 2 weeks for each officer.

As I traveled the United States training our officers, I’ve asked them what the most important training they think they should have. Hands down, the majority of officers want to know more about how to do a marijuana DUI investigation.

This is the reason I designed this course. I designed it for the officer that has only basic DUI training, Standardized Field Sobriety Test training or maybe an ARIDE course. I’ll teach you some clues to look for in a marijuana DUI and how you can use this information in your investigation and ultimately your report.

This is what you will learn:

  • Introduction to marijuana strains and marijuana cultivation
  • THC and THC content and how it affects a user’s impairment
  • A review of hashish, including hash oil, and how it affects impairment
  • Marijuana ingestion methods
  • Marijuana’s effects on human physiology
  • Using eye examinations to help determine impairment
  • Understanding the signs of marijuana impairment
  • Understand how marijuana affects SFST’s
  • How to interpret test results in regards to marijuana impairment
  • How to sum up your investigation in a criminal report

You can take this as an individual officer at your own pace. If you are an agency that would like to send multiple officers or your entire agency through this course, we will give you a discounted rate. The discount is 10% off per student for 10 students, 20% for 20 students and 30% for 30 students.

We can also bring this training to you at your agency if you wish. Thank you and I hope you enjoy Marijuana DUI Investigations. Stay safe and take care of each other.