Death stalks a young Arkansas officer, but in taking his life cops everywhere may someday get a second chance at living. In this program we hope, with the help of the Trumann Police Department, to provide critical guideposts for officers who may fall prey or victim to the potential tragedy of complacency.

Jonathan SchmidtThe video documents the murder of Trumann, Arkansas police officer Jonathan Schmidt, who was fatally shot after stopping a vehicle on suspicion of driving without insurance. Through interviews with Schmidt’s colleagues, chief, and back-up officer, an in-depth analysis of the stop, and actual dashcam footage, the video pieces together what happened during the stop and provides valuable training insights to all patrol officers. Training topics include:

  • Body positioning during felony stops
  • Backup officer positioning
  • The fatal funnel
  • Dispatch communication techniques
  • Containing a ‘busy’ scene
  • Firearms proficiency

The video is approved for POST credit in New Mexico, and purchasing the video gives you unlimited streaming for one year.