This course is approved for continuing education credits in the following states:

  • Tennessee, 300 minutes
  • California, 309 minutes
  • Florida, 309 minutes
  • New York, 309 minutes
  • Iowa
  • Kentucky
  •  Vermont

Pedestrian crashes are perhaps the most difficult to investigate and reconstruct, because of the scarcity and nature of the evidence.  Identifying the area of impact, investigating the pedestrian’s movement prior to impact, and the analysis and estimation of vehicle speed are discussed.  The use of human factors analysis in the reconstruction of the crash is discussed,   with emphasis on the statistical nature of human factors evidence.  Also, the misuse of reconstruction methodologies such as pedestrian throw and head strike location are discussed to clarify their limitations.  Finally, the nature of digital evidence from the vehicle EDR (“black box”) is presented along with general comments about the technology.