This course is accredited for 6.0 hours of continuing education credits by Missouri POST.

To successfully investigate a vehicle crash, officers must be able to analyze tire mark evidence.  Through video lectures from a motor vehicle crash expert, this course examines the science that supports speed estimates from braking evidence. Course topics include:

  • Fundamentals of speed from tire mark evidence, including skid and ABS tire marks
  • Extensive discussion about drag factor measurements, including drag sled and accelerometer measurements, and a discussion of potential accelerometer misuse
  • The speed-from-skid equation, with explanations about the input variables, with extensive comments about braking efficiency considerations
  • Potential challenges on the evidence, with the necessary background for defending the evidence against unfair attacks at trial

With clear, easy-to-understand explanations that build credibility for the officer when integrated into trial testimony, the course includes numerous examples and analogies to help officers better and understand significant scientific concepts.  All materials are delivered with an emphasis on “plain speak,” a signature of Prof. Kwasnoski’s presentation style. The successful investigation and prosecution of a motor vehicle crash may include issues that are not part of the ordinary at-scene checklist of evidence, and this course provides critical concepts to help officers employ scientific principles in furtherance of their investigations.