In an era where humans are easily tracked via technological means such as cell phones, smartwatches, GPS trackers, drones, etc., it is easy to assume visual tracking is no longer a needed skill, however tracking, counter-tracking, and canine-assisted tracking operations are still fundamental to the success of special operations both domestically and abroad.  A skilled tactical tracker can utilize their ability to interpret sign, and form reasonably accurate conclusions based on the evidence left by the target to gather intelligence on enemy forces, locate them for direct action missions, prevent illegal border crossing and smuggling, and help rescue lost individuals.

In fact, visual man tracking has been utilized by military and law enforcement all over the world to locate and interdict a subject attempting to elude them, and in the process they are able to determine how many people they are following, how they are equipped, what their state of morale is, if they know they are being followed, and where they are going.

Burns Group International’s Tactical Tracking and Counter-tracking for Special Operations course is designed to produce trackers capable of tracking and interdicting armed and dangerous subjects while surviving the inherent danger of pursuits, regardless of the environment.  Topics covered include:

  • Basic Tactical Tracking Terminology
  • Basic Visual Tracking Techniques
  • Human Gait and Track Interpretation
  • Visual and Non-Visual Tracking Indicators
  • Factors that Affect Sign
  • Principles of Tracking
  • Track Pursuit Drill
  • The mission of the Tactical Tracker Squad
  • Duties and Responsibilities within the Tactical Tracker Squad
  • Tracking Element Formations and Movement Techniques
  • How to relocate a Lost Track Line
  • Canine Assisted Tracking Teams
  • Tracking and Counter Tracking Terminology
  • Tactics, Techniques, and Assets Employed by Trackers
  • Human Gait and Track Interpretation
  • Visual and Non-Visual Tracking Indicators
  • Evasion Mindset
  • Factors that Affect Sign
  • Principles used to Avoid Detection
  • Deception Techniques
  • Evasion Tactics