This course is designed for those individuals who have been charged with the responsibility of writing an application to the annual Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program offered by FEMA. It does not matter if you have never written a grant in your life or if you have won 3-4 AFG’s already; this course is taught in plain, easy-to-comprehend language that you will understand. The corse will give you the knowledge and skill sets needed to develop, write and submit an application to the Assistance to Firefighter’s Grant Program.

Upon completion of this course, you will:

  • Know what steps are needed to properly prepare for this grant application in advance of the application period.
  • Understand the purpose of the Assistance to Firefighters Grant program
  • Comprehend the meaning and importance of Critical Infrastructure to your application
  • Understand how to properly describe your community and your department to a review
  • Know how to properly describe the Financial Need of your department
  • Understand the difference between Cost Benefit and Operational Outcomes and properly relate those items in words
  • Know how to describe the problem your department is trying to resolve and how to properly explain your proposed solution to that problem.
  • Be able to read and comprehend the Funding Opportunity Announcement that precedes the opening of the application period
  • Understand the rules and regulations about the program and submitting your request.

Through video presentations and examples of the various written sections of the grant, this course will instill in you the confidence needed to successfully develop, write and submit a winning application. Here are a few testimonials from firefighters who have taken the course:

“Kurt was the driving force that allowed me to receive our first Assistance to Firefighters Grant, and throughout the years, and over a million dollars in grant money later, has been an amazing resource for grant training and consulting. As a recent student of Kurt’s online course, it provided me with updated essential training in the comfort of my home. I would definitely recommend First Responder Grants as your grant resource.” Firefighter, Kentucky

“The online class took me about four hours to complete and was in a very easy to understand and follow format. The class was an excellent refresher for me from the two day class I had attended a few years ago and I picked up on quite a few new ideas as well as saw a couple areas that I feel were causing my turndown notices. As I begin to prepare and submit this year’s application in the coming days, I will be referring back to the online class section by section to make sure I am following what I learned to give our department the best possible chance of an award this year. I highly recommend attending this online class whether you are a first time grant writer or like I was, needing to freshen up on the grant process.” Firefighter, Alabama

This course also offers a 3-month payment plan option. When you register for the course, you’ll have the ability to choose between paying a one-time fee of $399 or paying three installments of $133. If you choose the payment plan, you will be charged $133 upon registration and then $133 each month for the next two months. When the course opens, you’ll have immediate access to all content after submitting your first payment.