This course is an in-depth, two-part approach designed to make you safer and more effective your dealings with gang members and the gang problem. Taught by internationally-renown gang expert Tony Moreno whose methodology takes you on a personal, step-by-step journey covering issues and factors he feels are essential in making you safer and better at what you do. Many of these methods and tips were developed and proven under fire by Moreno and are not offered in other gang courses and training sessions. Due to its size and content, the course is divided into two parts with both parts equally accessible to the individual student at any time.

Do you know the “20 most important things you need to remember” in dealing with gangs?

Do you know the “Top 10 Tips” to conducting a quality gang contact?

These and other critical topics are covered in this unique gang-training course. Some of the other issues include:

  • Why you should care what gang members think of you
  • The difference between being knowledgeable and being an expert
  • The “universal” gang member mindset
  • How the best cops develop information from scratch
  • How serious is your gang problem and how to prove it
  • The importance of “balance” in your life and in your work
  • Critical factors pitting you versus your suspect
  • The highs and lows of gang informants
  • A “good gang cop” …. the gang member’s perspective
  • How to learn “your backyard”
  • Gang investigations … the greatest obstacles
  • Tactics and considerations with multiple suspects
  • How to develop your network … and your support system
  • Maintaining your mental endurance and your psychological edge

This course was created and developed by an instructor who has spent a lifetime around gangs and gang members, 30+ years as a frontline cop and investigator working gangs and who also has two sons in law enforcement.

This course is filled with methods, tactics, philosophies and tips that every law enforcement officer should know.