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In 2.5 hours you will:

  • View over 30 information-packed police oral board video modules
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  • See me demonstrate police oral board answers

If you are seeking to become a law enforcement officer and you are getting ready to compete in entry level hiring oral boards in the coming months, you owe it to yourself to be the best prepared that you can be. Here is what you will receive:

Module 1: Introduction (Trailer) 03:30
Module 2: Winning the Mental Game 07:45
Module 3: Addressing Nervousness 06:41
Module 4: Rating Dimensions 07:16
Module 5: Looking the Part 05:58
Module 6: The Halo Effect 05:30
Module 7: Powerful Body Language 06:34
Module 8: Choosing The Right Words 07:44
Module 9: “You” Focused Questions 08:15
Module 10: Summary Sentence 04:58
Module 11: Oral Resume Demonstration 03:21
Module 12: Memory Map 04:21
Module 13: Why Do You Want To Be A Police Officer 03:53
Module 14: Strengths and Weaknesses 05:41
Module 15: Where Do You See Yourself In 5 Years? 03:45
Module 16: Why Should We Choose You Over Others? 04:00
Module 17: Law Enforcement Questions 02:49
Module 18: Position Knowledge 04:22
Module 19: Predicting Topics 02:47
Module 20: Researching Topics 03:14
Module 21: Community Policing Questions 08:45
Module 22: Situational Questions 09:14
Module 23: Ethical Questions 09:06
Module 24: Know Your New Employer 01:41
Module 25: Know the Community 05:42
Module 26: Know The Agency 04:17
Module 27: Know The Chief 04:59
Module 28: Why Do You Want To Work Here? 03:00
Module 29: Closing Statement 02:31
Module 30: Interviews With Chiefs and Commissions 04:41
Summary 01:26
Module 31: Mock Oral Board #1 02:28
Module 32: Mock Oral Board #2 01:58
Module 33: Mock Oral Board #3 02:13

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