Video Production with Todd Boruff

A great Law Enforcement Learning course combines a variety of content delivery methods to deliver a varied, engaging learning experience to students. In many courses videos can increase engagement, help instructors connect with students, and present content in a dynamic and interesting manner. We’ve designed Law Enforcement Learning with the knowledge that high-quality video and audio recording tools are extremely common; from cellular telephones that record HD video to DSLR cameras capable of capturing professional-level pictures or high-quality webcams, most potential instructors likely possess the equipment they need to record good videos for their courses.

For those instructors who do not have easy access to recording equipment, courses that require in-depth demonstrations and complicated re-enactments, or individuals who wish to deliver professional-level videos, Law Enforcement Learning offers a host of video recording and production services from producer and consultant Todd Boruff. Boruff is a South Bend, Indiana, based video producer and consultant with a decade of professional video and audio experience. He holds a BA in film from the University of Notre Dame and a certificate in audio engineering from The Recording Workshop. He’s worked on independent films, documentaries, television and radio commercials, music albums, live audio mixing and recording, theater sound design, corporate video, and a major motion picture. Most of Todd’s career has been spent on non-broadcast video: promotional, development, marketing, and training videos for corporate, medical, educational, religious, non-profit, and political clients. He’s also worked on training videos for major retail, diabetes care, eye care, and higher education.  Todd is highly experienced in directing on-camera talent and producing step-by-step demonstrations with voice-over narration.

If you are struggling with recording your videos, need some professional advice, or simply want an experienced video producer to handle setup and recording so you can focus on content, consider hiring a professional producer. You can probably find one in your town or, if you feel Todd’s training and education background would improve your video, schedule a consultation or a shoot with him. Here’s a breakdown of the services he can provide:

1. Video Production:

  • $1000 per 10 hour day, plus travel expenses.
  • This includes professional lighting, audio, camera, and talent direction: everything you need to for a high-quality training video.

2. Video Post-production:

  • $75/hour.  Number of hours varies by project
  • Note: You have the option of shooting the video yourself and then sending the footage to Todd for professional editing, graphics, music, and delivery of the final video file.

3. Skype/Facetime live direction:

  • $100/hour.
  • Show Todd your setup live while you are recording it and he can direct you as far as camera and lighting placement, talent direction, etc.

4. Consultation:

  • $75/hour.
  • You answer a number of questions about your needs and capabilities and Todd provides a custom recommendation.  This could include recommendations for cameras, tripods, lighting, audio, editing software, and other equipment.  It could include looking at videos you have already produced and providing advice on how to improve them.  It could be how to get the most out of the equipment or resources that you already have.

If you’d like to see some of Todd’s work, check him out here: Finally, if you are interested in arranging a consultation or discussion with Todd, email us at and we’ll make it happen. Good luck!

The Law Enforcement Learning Team