The Affiliate Program is Here!

Affiliate marketing is a great way to increase exposure and boost course sales. and, after months of instructor requests, the Law Enforcement Learning Affiliate Program is finally live! The program provides instructors with the ability to create and use affiliates, or persons and companies that promote your Law Enforcement Learning courses in exchange for commissions.

You can now create Affiliates from your User Dashboard, set commission rates, generate unique affiliate links to your courses, and track every time those links are used to look at and purchase your courses.  If you have questions about the new capability, please check out the Affiliate Program page here and watch the short video below:

  1. Al Munrtazir Quran Academy

    Our Online Shia Quran Academy Has now Students from all around the world whose basic concern was to learn about religion by having a strong bond with the sector.

  2. lucia smith
    lucia smith