The Affiliate Program is Here!

Affiliate marketing is a great way to increase exposure and boost course sales. and, after months of instructor requests, the Law Enforcement Learning Affiliate Program is finally live! The program provides instructors with the ability to create and use affiliates, or persons and companies that promote your Law Enforcement Learning courses in exchange for commissions. You can now… Read more »

Ready for Customizable Discount Codes?

You can now generate custom coupon codes with the Law Enforcement Learning Discounts generator. To do so, highlight the automatically generated coupon code in the Discounts box: Next, replace the automatically generated code with your custom configuration and select a percentage discount: Finally, press the “Create a Discount” button to generate the new code. When… Read more »

New Feature: Customize Your Course Welcome Messages

You can now send customized email welcome messages to students who enroll in your Law Enforcement Learning courses! Here’s a quick overview of our newest feature: When a student enrolls in a Law Enforcement Learning course, he or she receives two automated emails: a receipt documenting the purchase and a short message welcoming them to the… Read more »

Check Out Our New Coupon Code Generator

If you’d like to offer sales or provide different price points to different segments of your customer base, check out our new Coupon Code generator. It allows you to generate multiple coupon codes for each of your courses, and you can pass the codes out to whoever you’d like. Here’s how the generator works: First,… Read more »

Big Changes Coming Soon to Law Enforcement Learning!

Over the past few months, we’ve received a great deal of feedback from instructors and students on site features and capabilities. In general, both groups want to ensure they can quickly and easily use the site to communicate with others, and each course’s internal message function has become the primary mechanism for most course-related communications…. Read more »