Audio: Tony Moreno on Gangs

In this short audio podcast, Featured Instructor Tony Moreno discusses his background, his time in the Los Angeles Police Department, and his connection to gangs. Moreno has been teaching about gangs in the US and abroad since 1982, and his investigative methods have influenced the operating procedures of a variety of local, national, and international… Read more »

Featured Instructor Interview: Nick Nicholson

This month’s Featured Instructor, the Nicholson Group, provides organizational development services to public and private sector law enforcement and security clients. In a few weeks, we’ll introduce the Group’s Assessing Your Personality, a course designed to help students better understand their own personality style, better recognize personality styles in others, and adapt their communication strategies… Read more »

Featured Instructor Interview – FORCE Concepts

Happy New Year! As we move into 2014, we’re very excited to welcome Documenting Force, Law Enforcement’s premier use of force technical writing course, to Law Enforcement Learning. The course, which helps officers deliver comprehensive use of force reports that withstand scrutiny and limit litigation, employs case studies, exercises, and assignments to teach proven law… Read more »